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What is
Rete Riparo Subito?

Rete Riparo Subito is a project launched by Rete Riparo dedicated to mechanic workshops that are primarily responsible for mechanical servicing and maintenance. Our project’s strength is based on rapidly restarting the economy as to overcome the financial hardship caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

How does it work?

Rete Riparo Subito directly connects one of our professionals in the field with the driver. The professional provides,an efficient service alongside a cost-effective market price. We aim to equip our customer with a speedy assistance and spare parts of an excellent quality.

Through our call center, the driver can request information, adhere with our offers, schedule an appointment with a competitive mechanic and provide a quote of the request in advance. Then, an auto industry expert will support the driver in order to detect the issue before reaching the garage and carrying out any repairs or replacement work.

Our Mission

  1. Identifying coherent and realistic solutions
  2. Reducing unnecessary services that weigh on the final price
  3. Maximizing excellent value-for-price services
  4. Maintaining a high-quality workmanship
  5. Securing the client with a 2-year warranty on each repairing and spare part

Our services

Rete Riparo: a service that takes account of all our clients’ needs.

In our affiliated garages we work on the maintenance and reparation of each and every car brand and models

Our CEO’s thoughts:

Luca Barigelli

“Throughout the years, my job brough me to interact with many laborers, that work on a daily basis with a huge amount of passion and dedication, yet due to the ongoing pandemic situation, they are facing a tremendous labour immobilization.
Restoring a circumstance of a crisis is always a difficult journey, however not an insurmountable one. This requires courageous decision-makings and newest ways of conducting your day-to-day life. As a way of healing this impractical and unproductive plight, I thought of creating a project which could benefit not only the motorists but mainly the employees with whom I have worked for many years.”

Taxi Service

Rete Riparo Subito offers the clients with a voucher which covers the ride 24/7. Moreover, clients who have further necessities can benefit from our taxi service at any time.

Taxi Service

S.O.S. Tow-Truck Service

Rete Riparo, moreover grants with a tow-truck service and breakdown assistance around Rome and Province of Rome

This service is active 24/7.

S.O.S. Tow-Truck Service


Contact us

Human contact is important to us. Contact us and receive fast assistance from our operators.